Personal Coaching

So you want to get started in Eco-Fitness.

Adam Boesel Eco Fitness PodcastThere’s never been a better time to do it.  It’s a very small part of a very large industry, but there’s a ton of room to grow.  You know this because you’ve been in gyms before and can see the incredibly wasteful, inefficient, and incongruent practices going on.  It won’t last forever, because energy costs are not going to go down ever again.

I can help you.

I’ve done a lot of things right, and also made a ton of mistakes and spent a lot of money that I didn’t have to spend. It’s been a fun ride so far, but I wouldn’t wish some of my failures on anybody, and if there’s a way I could make it easier for you, I’d like to try.

For a limited time, I am offering individual coaching about all aspects of Eco-Fitness Business for $200/hour.

Call me at 503-933-2230 for a short chat about whether we should do some coaching together.  If not, no worries (and you’ll probably get a bit of free answers to some of your more pressing questions).

Popular Coaching Topics:

  • Starting your own Green Gym
  • Converting your existing gym to “go green”
  • Getting started as an Eco-Fitness Personal Trainer
  • Grid Tied Electricity Generating Fitness Equipment