Amanda Ford on being unique


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This was a GREAT conversation!!!

Amanda Ford is a trainer in Seattle, Washington who recently was forced to relocate her personal training practice because the gym she was training from closed down.

This 40 minute conversation covers a lot of ground about how she turned that unexpected change into a very successful personal training studio where she is able to do things exactly how she wants.

For more on Amanda, check out her website at and her YouTube channel.

USC Fundamentals of Entrepreneurship Conversation with Nick Rosen


This 45 minute conversation with Nick Rosen, a personal trainer and student a The University of Southern California called in to ask a bunch of questions about ecofitness and entrepreneurship.  We went all the way back to when The Green Microgym was just an idea.

After about 30 seconds, Nick’s call drops out, but we get it right back, so keep listening!